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About Ambyr Childers


Ambyr Childers started her namesake jewelry line with a desire to create timeless pieces that inspire and empower those who wear them. 


From early on, Ambyr had a special connection with her grandmother who taught her that jewelry holds an invaluable truth and can be worn as a talisman to empower a woman's strength in her femininity. Learning the stories behind each treasured relic sparked the desire to embrace her heritage and the ancient symbols that surround it.  


Raised by her entreprenurial parents and beloved grandmother, it came as no surprise when she felt a yearning to create something meaningful of her own to share with the world. So, as a token of beauty and a celebration of women and friendship, her signature design, the Rise Totem, was born. Encompassing the heart and soul of the brand, it is meant to serve as a daily reminder of our inner strength and connection with the feminine force. 


Ambyr Childers’ jewelry is thoughtfully designed and crafted with the hope and intention of being cherished forever. Our mission is to delicately capture the magic of ancestry, infuse meaning and symbolism into luxurious yet practical jewelry, and embolden the wearer to Rise and Shine.