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Top 6 Things I’m Thankful for this Year

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Top 6 Things I’m Thankful for this Year

Hi AC Tribe!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am taking time this week to reflect on this crazy year and the things I am the most thankful for. In no particular order… 

#1 My Rocking Chair

At 32, I would never imagine I would appreciate sitting down in a rocking chair so much. Every morning I go sit in my rocking chair and drink my coffee—everyone in my house knows that they are not allowed to talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. I use the time as an opportunity to set my mind for the day. It’s super quiet, I feel like the whole world is asleep (at least my kids are), and I am able to check in with myself and set my intentions, things I need to do that day, and take a moment to practice gratitude. Who says you have to be old to enjoy sitting in a rocking chair?

#2 Watching my Kids Learn

With the unusual circumstances of 2020 virtual learning, I am able to watch my children learn at home. My kids don’t want me to sit in on their Zoom classes, they get embarrassed, but I can still listen through the door and hear them interacting with their peers and teachers, learning new things. I often feel like I’m their assistant throughout the day, bringing them water and snacks and helping them with technical difficulties. As a parent, the school day isn’t a part of your children’s life you typically get to experience, and I think it’s so great to be able to watch them learn and grow right in front of me. I am also SO thankful for the hard-working teachers this year.

#3 Coffee

Moms, need I say more? 

#4 Healthcare Workers

As we continue to try and navigate the COVID-19 virus and its effects on business, school and our society, I remain extremely grateful for the courageous healthcare workers on the front lines putting themselves at risk to help others during this unprecedented pandemic. They are the real heroes and we are all so grateful.

#5 Time

This year has slowed down our “Go, go, go” mentality and forced us all to stop moving and be present. While I miss working all of the time, I am so grateful for the extra time I have had this year to spend with my family. Being able to sit down and paint on a canvas with my kids on a lazy afternoon is something I never felt like I had time to do before. I even had the opportunity to teach both of my kids how to ride a bike! This year, I have gotten to experience a lot of new things with them and create memories I will cherish forever.

#6 Gardening 

I feel like the pandemic has turned us all into Gardeners. When COVID first hit, there were more people rushing out to buy gardening supplies than ever before. I needed something productive to do and I also loved the idea of getting into gardening, even though I had no clue what I was doing. Thank goodness for my Nana and Google.

It’s hard to express the pride and lovingness I experience in seeing my plants grow. Now, I can walk into the yard, pick something off the vine and eat it right there! The flavor and texture are so much better and I realize the importance of fresh food more than ever. 



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