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Alone We Hold Strength, Together We Rise!

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Alone We Hold Strength, Together We Rise!
Hi babes!
Thanks for coming back to the site for another AC Blog update! This week, I want to share something very special to me: The Rise Totem. The Rise Totem collection is the heart and symbol of the Ambyr Childers brand and one of the most precious tokens that I hold dear.
When you go through an earth-shattering obstacle in life, it makes you stop and re-evaluate your priorities, your values and what you want to do in your life. For me, going through a divorce made me realize how important it is to not only surround yourself with strong women but to continuously celebrate and nurture those relationships. I was suddenly a single mother with two baby girls, and when I was designing my next collection for the brand, I wanted to create something that could be used to unite and celebrate women.
As women, we instinctively compare ourselves to each other constantly. Who has the best body, best career, best relationship, best skin care routine? In a world where women are still striving for gender equality and basic rights in many areas, comparing ourselves to one another and pitting ourselves against each other doesn’t make sense. We can serve ourselves better and do so much more good for the world when we unite and stand together.
Through this revelation I was inspired to create the Rise Totem piece. The symbol is, side by side, two sisters bonded in a relationship of the soul. I believe we can inspire our children to live in a better world, better community and to have stronger female relationships. We have so many women in our lives to be grateful for. It is so important to value and honor those relationships whether it is a parent and a child, sisters, cousins, neighbors, friends, lovers, or even between you and the person you are becoming.
It’s for all the women who have taught us you can run this world in heels or combat boots or with a baby on your hip. The Rise Totem Collection is celebrating the bond of relationships that shape us at the core, at every age. During this crazy, fucked up year it is more important than ever for us to look out for and take care of each other. The Rise Totem is a symbol of gratitude used to say thank you to all of the beautiful women that have helped you along your journey.
My favorite pieces are the small and medium Rise Totem necklaces, which are buy one get one free so that you can share the love with the special women in your lives. I love seeing my AC tribe share the Rise Totem with the people they love, hearing their stories and helping me in continuing to unite women all over the world.
Alone we hold strength, together we rise!


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